The most enticing attraction is the spectacular nature you will encounter.Shima Onsen is a sightseeing spot recommended for a grown-up getaway.

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A cultural property steeped in history

Legend has it that an historical figure heard a divine message saying that the deity of the mountain would give him a hot spring that can cure 40,000 illnesses because of his devotion to the sutras. When he awoke, a hot spring was gushing forth next to his pillow. Sensing this as a good omen, he built a temple to worship the Buddha of Healing (Yakushi). This is Hinatami Onsen and Yakushi-do Hall.

Locations of interest

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Intriguing Shops: Fun and dining

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Relaxing at hot springs and Japanese-style inns

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Engaging activities

Intriguing Shops: Fun and diningIntriguing Shops: Fun and dining

The hot spring district continues along Ochiai Street, unchanged since ancient times. It is a charming district lined with eating establishments and shops offering the game of smart ball. Ochiai Street is immersed in a nostalgic mood and recommended for trip down memory lane.

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Relaxing at hot springs and Japanese-style inns Relaxing at hot springs and Japanese-style inns

Shima Onsen was the first in Japan to acquire the national designation of a hot spring health resort, which is a stamp of approval from the government attesting to exceptional hot spring waters. Let the hot springs and Japanese-style inns erase the fatigue of daily stress.

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Engaging activitiesEngaging activities

Learn, explore, and encounter. Shima Onsen has a host of activities to offer. Fully delight in the brilliant blue of Lake Okushima and the vast nature of the four seasons.

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Four seasons in Shima

The climate, dress, and four seasons in Shima There is a variety of scenery to be viewed in each season. Shima is a place where you can feel the wonders of nature. Here is a glimpse of the must-see sights in spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Spring is the time for cherry blossoms! You can view cherry blossoms throughout Shima Onsen. The best period for cherry blossoms in Shima Onsen depends on the district, and one way to enjoy the cherry blossoms is to compare the differences in each district.


Summer is a chance to see animals! Summer is cool and comfortable, and there are many activities to do, including canoeing and canyoning! You can enjoy nature to your heart's content. One other attraction is the chance of encountering various animals, such as monkeys, Japanese serow and birds.


The contrast between the Shima blue and autumn colors creates a stunning vista! The mountains dyed a scarlet red are simply gorgeous. We recommend taking a canoe ride on Lake Okushima and viewing the amazing landscape from the lake! Another experience not to be missed is savoring the flavors of autumn, a season of rich harvests.


Winter is a collaboration of clear waters and a blanket of snow! Snow can accumulate from late December, and from January to February half the surface of Lake Okushima can freeze over. The vivid Shima blue and the white of the snow create a very beautiful match! Bathing while viewing the snowy landscape during this season is an incredible experience!


Shima Onsen Sightseeing MAP

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