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Shop and Restaurant Information

  • Azumaya
    Located near Hinatami Yakushido. Take a rest after visiting Yakushido.
  • Café Terrace Maya
    Enjoy our beef stew with your choice of many foreign wines.
  • Hayashi Seinikuten
    It opens every day.except on New year's day.
  • Oshokujidokoro Kurenai
    Our restaurant is located along the river banks with a wonderful waterfall view. Fresh river fish in our pool are cooked right there, on the spot.
  • Joy
    Our ramen noodles are recommended by the actor Kodama Kiyoshi.
    All you can drink and sing! – Men 2,980 yen / Ladies 1,980 yen
  • Nakajimaya
    Freshly served homemade soba noodles. The finest hand selected buckwheat ground in stone-made mortars is the key to our delicious noodles. You can enjoy the taste of hot soba water after finishing your soba.
  • Komatsuya
    This long-established soba noodle restaurant has been operating for 140 years. Enjoy our homemade soba noodles hand ground in our stone-made mortar.
  • Yumin
    Delicious ramen noodles and gyoza dumplings. Closed when Oyaji the chef feels like taking a break.
  • Asunaro
    Our pork cutlets are made with the Sawada area’s local pork which is tender and delicious. and also, try our ramen noodles, rice bowl meals and alcohol drinks.
  • Kashiwaya Café
    Our building is a remodeled structure from the early Showa Period. We serve lunch, excellent coffee or homemade sweets at our café surrounded by the nostalgic atmosphere of the past.
  • Garakuta Mingei
    Owned by the landlady of the Kurenai Ryokan inn. Customers come from far away to check our unique goods.
  • Yoshidaya Yugijo
    The only shooting gallery in the Shima Onsen area. You can enjoy smart balls as well.
  • Yanagiya Yugijo
    We serve free snacks and teas. Our motto is: “Always Serve the Best!“
  • Yamamoto Shoten
    Fresh Vegetables and fruits. Runnen beans are our favorite.
  • Yorozuya Shoten
    Stay healthy, drink milk! Morinaga’s milk products are sold wholesale here.
  • Momijiya
    Homemade carbonated Tansan Manju, a delicious and good treatment for feelings of heavy stomach, made of baking soda. Refrigeration is unnecessary. When the manju becomes hard, just fry, grill or put in a microwave, which makes the taste even richer.
  • Osawaya
    Original sake, local beer and sundries to take with you for pleasant travels.
  • Mingehin Mariya
    A fun shop selling pretty articles, pottery and seasonal folklore arts.
  • Takadaya Kashiho
    Original Onsen Manju and Nure Amanatto, moisturized sweet natto, made with locally grown green beans.
  • Iwaneya
    The smallest shop in the area. Have a cup of tea and homemade pickles.
  • Choraku
    Feel free to stop by, and please take your time to browse our collection of fine souvenirs.
  • Marumiya Bussanten
    You can find original clothes, sundries and souvenirs of the Shima Onsen area.
  • Nakamuraya
    Shima Bijin the locally brewed beer, Shimagawa the local sake, Shima no Sato the local shochu, etc.
  • Fugetsudo
    Delicious Onsen Manju and a sweet taste of the dream and legend of Yumemakura.
  • Matsubaya LTD
    This is a specialized pickle shop, established 50 years ago. There are more than 100 kinds of pickles in our store. We do sell our products by weight so that you can purchase whatever you like. We also have many other interesting foods and snacks including Tamanegi Senbe or onion crackers and Tmanegi Jam or onion jam. Please come and visit!
  • Akasakaya
    How about finding some nice souvenirs for yourself? Take your time and you will surely find one you like!
  • Shinozaki Shoten
    Specializing in locally picked mushrooms or fresh eggs.
  • Kanetsu Kotsu
    We welcome you to Shima with our best hospitality!
  • Yamano
    Disposable cameras, films and batteries.
  • Shiraishi Shoten
    Onsen Natto, made with local hot spring water and slowly heated by local charcoals.
  • Shimamura
    Yakimanju, or grilled buns, are one of Gunma Prefecture’s most famous foods. Marinated with original salty-sweet miso sauce and charcoal grilled. 200 yen.
  • Hair Salon Hideka
    Haircuts and shaves.
  • Kisoba Nagai
    Try Shima’s favorite Choju Soba.
  • Shogetsu
    A home style restaurant featuring a seasonal menu with fresh mountain vegetables, picked by the chef who loves wild plants. Please come for fun before checking into our inn or while waiting for a bus.
  • Ichiriki Sushi
    Rice is cooked in the steam furnace heated with charcoals.
  • Oshokujidokoro Fukuda
    Please try our OKIRIKOMI, Gunma’s famous local udon noodles, and our Suiton dumpling soup.
  • Hair Salon Seki
    Ask us about the best hair style for you and we can also give you the best tourism information and good fishing spots in the Shima area. We sell fishing tickets, too.
  • Washinoya Saketen
    Locally brewed onsen sake and many other tasty alcohols. We also have all kinds of groceries just like a 24hr grocery shop should.
  • Kaorisabou Okinaya
    Shima’s healing spot! Okinaya is a shop for sweets and Japanese sundries, and you can enjoy them while soaking your feet in a hot spring bath for free. Nice space to rest after walking, or when you are a bit hungry
  • Tsuchiya
    Real homemade noodles are lovingly prepared. Try our cold soba noodles with dipping sauce and udon with duck meat.
  • Sawaya Shoten
    Excellent homemade charcoals, cigarettes, drinks and daily necessaries.
  • Senpaku Kanko Jidosha
    Friendly Speedy Service! Call Senpaku Kanko Taxi for your travel needs
  • Sato Biyoshitu
    Ask for haircuts, Permanent Straight or curl, and to dress up Kimono
  • Ginsen Chaya
    Old Japanese style tea house at Ginsen natural water springs.
    Take a rest on your way. Feel free to stop by.
  • Kibarashi Kobo
    Our building, was actually moved here from Kyoto. It was originally built in the Azuchi Momoyama Period. There are a thousand puppets that move automatically in the store.

Shima Onsen Association
Location: 4379 Shima, Nakanojo, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma 377-0601 Japan
Telephone: 0279-64-2321  FAX: 0279-64-2137